Got rocks?

One by one he’s determined to remove every last rock from his personal wading pool (a.k.a. our little backyard pond). There’s no interest in the dry rocks on the shore; he prefers instead to snorkel for the choicest rock.

He runs around with it in his mouth like a prize, tail high in the air, before settling down for a good chew. (Yes, he eats rocks.)

He might even roll on his back some with it. Thank heavens he hasn’t discovered the joy of burying stuff yet! As it is, the DH’s patience is running thin.

Makes Luka pretty happy, though. I think he’s pleased to amuse and entertain us. (Well… me anyway.)

This is the fresh face I get should I be silly enough to reprimand him between fits of laughter. Have I mentioned lately how nutty this dog is?

9 thoughts on “Got rocks?”

  1. The joys of puppyhood. Hard to keep a straight face, I know, especially when they are comedians. Throw some apples in the pond and let him bob for them, instead. (Correction: Maybe just ONE apple.)

  2. Oh . . . he’s one of THOSE labs! A rock retrieving lab. There are labs who will retrieve rocks from the water and those that won’t. The trouble with those that will is that they tend to drop them on your feet in the faint hope that you’ll throw them back in the water for retrieval! 🙂 Enjoy that silly boy!

  3. What a funny dog! Those are great pictures. My dog does that “snorkeling” thing when she’s really hot and gets a drink from the bucket or her little pool. Water sprays everywhere and her face is wet up to her eyebrows. I don’t even try not to laugh anymore because I think as dogs, they know they’re entertaining us.

  4. Sue Hubbell’s dog Louie would collect flat rocks our of rivers. She has a nice account of it in one of her books.

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