9 thoughts on “Quiz bird”

  1. This is why I can’t name but a few sparrows and simply refer to them all as crossbreeding little brown birds.

    It resembles a Savannah Sparrow, yet due to the coloration and white head line it also resembles a Grasshopper Sparrow.

    But I’m assuming by your comment that you’ve identified it as a Sharp-Tailed Sparrow. It also seems like a juvenile which makes ID even more problematic.

    And that’s all I have to offer.

  2. LBJ (Little Brown Jobs)
    That, incidentally, is the one new ID I can retain from the Audubon Christmas Bird Count.
    I do want to learn how to train a sparrow to sit on my hand. I need to get a close look like that to id those little guys.

  3. And we have a winner… Dr. Know! It is a Grasshopper Sparrow.

    I had no clue, even after consulting the field guide.

    Meta: Thanks for the chuckle…

    I, too, would love to train ’em to sit on my hand. Would be nice, also, if they identified themselves!

    ; )

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