A Luka story without photos

This video from Floridacracker of his two (!) Lab puppies reminded me of a story I’d been meaning to share, but which I haven’t been able to get a decent pic to illustrate with.

Luka is a couch hog, but not in the normal way one might expect from a 100 lb. Lab. Instead he likes to perch himself on the back of the couch, in front of the window, where the view and the breeze are best. Here’s an old pic of him from Christmastime in the very same pose, so just imagine the scene without the Xmas decorations and 40 lbs. more Luka squishing those cushions down.

Anyway… outside the window now is a red Chinese Hibiscus standard that had seemed to be drawing the attention of a hummingbird or two. Encouraged, I added a small hummingbird feeder to the pot thinking I would be able to enjoy close up views of the hummers at the feeder. Not so.

He’s taken to barking at any sweet hummingbird that dares to feed there! To begin with he seemed confused by them, almost thinking they were a really big bumblebee, but the zooming and dashing of a curious (or annoyed) hummer is too much for him to take. He scares them all away. Silly dog!

7 thoughts on “A Luka story without photos”

  1. A shame he scares away the hummers. But he’s probably protecting his home from those scary things. Yes, silly.

  2. Oh Luka! You will have to learn to love and seek to befriend birds as much as your mom does!

    Our dog also liked to park on the back of the couch–front and center looking out the living room window. Barking all day at whatever went by. So I rearranged the furniture, moved the couch to the side wall. Now she is frustrated. My husband thinks I am cruel to deprive her. But I suggested I was saving money–that worked.

  3. NCMountainWoman: That dog has no sense!


    Bobbie: Yeah… great protector he is.

    Cedrorum: Oh dear. What is it with Labs?

    KGMom: Deprived, I’m sure.


    FC: He’s a total goof.

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