Getaway plans

seashells cover the beaches, tinkling like wind chimes as they tumble over one another in the waves

Our next throw-everything-in-the-car-plus-the-dog-roadtrip-to-escape-the-city is on for next week. We’ll be spending a couple days on Sanibel Island and then a couple days around St. Pete. A visit to Ding Darling NWR as well as Fort DeSoto is on the agenda. We’re hoping also to fit in a dinner date with a long quiet blog friend while in her neighborhood.

J is plotting our course over his beloved maps. Me, I’m looking forward to…

blue sky dawns * shelling on one of the best beaches in the world * pelicans! * salt spray * white sand underfoot * key lime pie * driving with the windows down * roseate spoonbills * at least one drink with an umbrella * wearing flip-flops for a couple days * watching J make drip castles in the sand * laughing gulls! * my polka-dot bikini * palm trees * sunshine * sandy feet * sunsets * floating * hermit crabs * sandbars * humid salty air * staring at the horizon

6 thoughts on “Getaway plans”

  1. Jealous. I’ve been to Ding Darling and Fort Myers once, seven years ago. Time for a return! Enjoy your drink with an umbrella and those Spoonbills.

  2. Did you take that seashell picture? Fabulous! Makes me homesick for Florida where I grew up oh so many years ago. Nice memories – have fun!

  3. Enjoy yourselves.
    I am not so much a beach person (as I burn burn burn) but I love the sound of the ocean, and am enchanted by the beauty of shells.
    Your paean to the beach is most evocative.

  4. Lucky you! I hope that you find the most beautiful shells and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets while you’re there.. hope you’ll post up lots of pictures, too!

    Have fun Laura!

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