A picnic indoors

We went for afternoon tea yesterday at Glenridge Hall with some other supporters of Atlanta Audubon… we’d “won” the opportunity to be treated to this special event by bidding in a silent auction at the 40th Anniversary Gala back in October.

Never having been to tea in a multi-million dollar mansion before, I was a little stressed out about what to wear and whether it was proper to eat the finger sandwiches with my hands and so forth, but it turns out that afternoon tea, like Alice Walker says, is really just an indoor picnic.

With fine china, of course.

: )

We also were treated to a tour of the place, which was a lot of fun. We’re hoping to schedule a couple bird walks on the property this spring, so if you’re in the neighborhood (Jayne!) keep your ears open for more information.

2 thoughts on “A picnic indoors”

  1. Yah – right – just a picnic. You didn’t tuck your napkin in your shirt did you? (Everyone should experience a grand tea!)

    High Tea here in Victoria BC – Ooo la La …

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