11 thoughts on “Bad bird photo of the week”

  1. Sure look like American White Pelicans to me from this photo, but they’d be extremely unusual to see in New Jersey, much less a whole flock of them like that. 🙂

  2. So that’s what happened to all the cherries on the tree!!!

    ps .. it’s always amazing to me to see and hear about the white pelicans up that way. I think they belong in Florida or such.

  3. When I first looked at them, I thought–huh, ants on glass.
    But then I enlarged the photo, and–sure enough–they are birds.
    OK–that’s as far as I can go!

  4. This shows what happens when air traffic controllers drink on the job.

    Clem Finsterman

  5. I thought they were mourning doves!

    How cool you got to see a whole flock of white pelicans flying like that. They soar so beautifully, I could watch them for hours.

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