Sadie going places

I’m a lucky dog… I get to go places!

Sometimes they have to leave me behind in the car because NO DOGS ALLOWED. I don’t feel very lucky, then.

I wait patiently tho and don’t do anything to ruin the upholstery…

Here I am at St. Marks at Thanksgiving… we’ve gone there a lot.

They took me to the mountains at Christmastime, but made me wear this silly-looking coat that someone had bought for me. Imagine people buying gifts for an abandoned old shelter-dog like me!

This day they took me to a weedy field so that Laura could photograph dried-up old wildflowers with her new camera.

I was happy there because the path smelled like horses.

We spend a lot of time going places and then waiting around and looking at birds… here I am at my first Christmas Bird Count.

I am a good bird dog. I am very quiet and patient and never bark or whine or pull on the leash while we wait for birds to show up.

Sometimes we wander around the city and look at street art. I was not overly impressed with this particular installation along the Beltline.

I like the beach… that’s a good thing because we go there the most.

It smells nice.

I am posing on Siesta Key in Florida. Some people think it’s the prettiest beach anywhere.

The sand is very white.

Once they took me to Dahlonega and tried to get me to pose next to this tough-looking dog.

I was embarrassed for myself, feeling like I couldn’t possibly ever measure up to this level of toughness.

They dragged me along with a bunch of teenagers one day to look at the lichens growing on rock…


They even dragged me out to the ends of the earth near Fort Pulaski to see a lighthouse, of all things!

I’m a good travellin’ dog… but I like having a place to call home the best.

: )

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  1. Oh, Sadie, you are a very good doggie and a pretty girl too!
    I would sing your praises even more, but I discern you are a modest doggie.

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