One more look

I don’t have a name yet and I’m not saying where I came from.

If only they could talk, right?

The DH covers for animal control nights and weekends and generally is smart enough to not ever mention anything about stray bunnies to me. Someone had called about this white bunny that was in their yard for a couple days…

You know how the rest went, but at least try to picture me resisting those blue eyes.

I’m guessing someone dumped her outside because that’s what mean people do.

Isn’t she pretty?

14 thoughts on “One more look”

  1. She’s very pretty. Let us know when she tells you her name.

    Mean people. How can anyone be mean to a bunny?

    Glad DH told you about her.

  2. What a Sweet Bunny! I have two bunnies. I have a friend that has ten bunnies. Bunnies need all of the care and love that we can give them. The unconditional love they give back in return is amazing!

  3. Oooh, she’s beautiful! I’m sure you’ll thing of a good name. I had 2 different white rabbits when I was growing up named them both Snowball:) Not sure why I couldn’t think of another name!

  4. Lynne: Hi. If I had to name her now it would be Thumper!

    Forest Green: I have to be careful though of wanting to give a home to everybunny.


    Mojoman: Yeah.

    Erin: Hi! I’m waiting to see what her name is.


    NCMountainWoman: I guess, yeah.

    Bunnygirl: She seems to love attention!

    Sandy: Her eyes are red almost, but blue in most light. An all white bunny is usually an albino.

  5. OOOO–she is so pretty.
    Just wait a little bit. . .she will TELL you her name.
    (Of course, I am only going by cats; never had a bunny.)
    But I am convinced pets tell you their names, or what they should be called. The trick for us humans–who tend to not listen carefully–is to learn to listen.

  6. Out of reading for months, I am happy to see you again at ‘capacity’ bunwise, even happier knowing that a new handful of lost buns have lives in your good loving care. When CloudBun was a bunling I thought his eyes truly blue but as he grew they turned soft hazel; light reflecting from his white fur casts residual blueness to them now. Fooled me 😉

    Blessings of love to Missy of the Light … what a beautiful being. You gave her the life of her dreams.

  7. Hi Sharon!

    Nice to have a comment from you. I’d never posted an update, but this little white bunny was reclaimed by its owners!

    (Happy dance!)

    It was sweet to have her here for a couple days, but that means there’s free space, you know?


    It’s hard to think of Missy… Yes, she had a good life here, but I miss her brattiness and the young, spunky bun I remember she was.

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