Some fall color

I think I see the moon reflected there in the water?

I’m going to make an earnest attempt this weekend at getting myself organized for Cape May later in the week, but the weather is going to be beautiful, the trees are in perfect color now and there’s a bird walk on Sunday at Sandy Hook, plus a neat fair in South Jersey at Batsto that I’d like to see. I think maybe I need to prioritize and make a couple lists. Lynne? Help?

What all do you have planned?

5 thoughts on “Some fall color”

  1. I’m hopefully mowing the lawn for the last time this weekend. Although, there is probably at least one more run to do. Love the colors. I keep seeing pictures from northeast bloggers like yours. We don’t have that color this far south; at least not on the coast.

  2. Busy weekend here in SW OH: Worked Sat AM, watching my football game this afternoon while simultaneously glazing some pots so I can get them fired ASAP and making soup for a soup party tonight (and hoping not to mix up the glaze and the soup), then the actual soup party. Tomorrow AM, picking grapes at the winery, then cram in all my weekend chores, like laundry, etc. in the afternoon, PLUS do some “actual” packing for Cape May.

    whoooosh! I’m tired just thinking about it. Sunday afternoon nap, anyone?


  3. I went in to work at 0400 this AM and I work eevery day through Wednesday. My family is gone for the weekend though so I have my suitcase on the bed and am actually packing a bit. A work friend loaned me her Garmin so I’m playing around with it so I’ll be ready to use it on my New Jersey drive!

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