Country living fair

Country-living in NJ, you ask? Bah! Not possible, right? Apparently some people here in the most densely-populated state manage such a thing. Granted, I had to drive to the middle of nowhere to find them, but…

Did you realize that there’s some market for antique tractor seats? Go figure!

The Country Living Fair at Batsto Village was an interesting mix of oddities… from yesterday’s bulldogs and alpacas (with adorable underbites) to little children carted around in a circus cage…

… to steam-fueled contraptions with the sweetest of whistles. Yes, I smiled and made that gesture you remember from your own childhood to make them sound the whistle…


There were men chiseling arrowheads from bits of found stone…

and others rendering beautiful candlesticks from bits of Pine Barrens sugar sand…

… and broom-makers! Who makes brooms? Who uses brooms anymore?

… and this sweet, sleepy-eyed Barred Owl from Cedar Run.

A nice day. And I even managed to find what I hope might be a perfect gift for a flock member!


7 thoughts on “Country living fair”

  1. I’ve discovered lots of beautiful countryside in New Jersey while avoiding the eastern part in my drive through to Washington DC. The fair looks like great fun and I recommend those homemade brooms–they work better than the commercially made ones–they don’t last as long but you can pick up another one next year.

  2. It sounds wonderful! I wish I had been there.

    Just for the record – I use a broom frequently. And yes, there is definitely country living in NJ. Come to Cape May County.

  3. Don’t you just love how old tractor seats are in the exact shape of a BUTT?

    You know I love the sleepy barred owl. But how do you make candles out of sand?

    (I only use a broom to collect the dog food, dog hair, cat hair and kid crumbs into a pile, then it’s vacuum time)

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