Do well, be cute, get adopted!

What summer snow is he made of, this pearl among rabbits?
– E.V. Rieu
I’m missing my little white foster bunny, Lucas. I sent him on his way this evening to find his forever home…
I’ll miss the shell-pink of his ears and the nosebonks to my ankle that he greeted me with. Oh and his hijinks at salad time! He is a dancer, this bunny.
My heart goes with you, Looney Tunes! Do well, be cute, get adopted!
Lucas is available for adoption through the GA House Rabbit Society.

2 thoughts on “Do well, be cute, get adopted!”

  1. I do believe the HRS needs you taking adoption portraits for them as well.

    (I can’t believe you gave him up!)

    Ear rubs and good luck, little Lucas…

  2. Thanks, Amy!

    I didn’t want to, believe me. He’s so easily adorable! As far as I’m concerned, pink-eyed white rabbits should come with a warning label…

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