The worst bird walk ever*

Is February an easy month to find birds anywhere?

Sandy Hook can be something like a wonderland of waterfowl at this time of year, but today it mostly wasn’t. There were a couple of distant loons, a speck raft of red-breasted mergansers, a long-tailed duck or two, an imaginary harbor seal, a nice flock of faraway snow buntings and great looks at the world’s largest gull.


We did get to see this great big boat heading out to sea though.

Despite the lack of birds, it was a beautiful day to be out, with a hint of spring in the air. Not really, but at least the wind wasn’t quite so biting for a change.

*Post title suggested by our field trip leader

7 thoughts on “The worst bird walk ever*”

  1. Here I was longing to be out and about – thinking how wonderful it would be to explore a new scene – thanks for helping me appreciate our small world..
    Hope you soon have an abundance of birds in your view

  2. I’ve actually been trying to slow down with the birding a bit so that I build up a hunger for it again.-All that January listing kind of knocked the starch out of me which is probably good from a dietary view but not so when it comes to my birding enthusiasm. When I’m in the mood for birding-no trip is bad.

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