Counting the days

I’m guessing there won’t be any more snow this season; not that there was much to speak of anyway. I miss the blizzards we used to get when I was a kid, when everything would be buried and the neighborhood was transformed for a couple days.

Anyway… I took this pic back in late January at one of my favorite parks. I’m looking forward to finding meadowlarks in that field next month.

7 thoughts on “Counting the days”

  1. I’m thinking (hoping) that we might get one good ‘NorEaster that will dump a foot of snow in early March (then it will melt in just a few days).

    I have pictures of me in my Easter dress, white patent leather shoes, and a bonnet (of course) on our front step — with over a foot of snow piled behind me.

    When I was older, my dad and I would go out to shovel (where was my sister?), and I would try to get into the cars without knocking any snow off of them. Inside the car, it was like a snow fort — dark, quiet, other-wordly.

    Wayne, PA

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