Jetty treats

I met MevetS (fellow NJ Audubon volunteer) and his photography group this morning at Barnegat Light. Aside from some equipment envy on my part, it didn’t feel much different than any other bird walk.

Bird geeks.

Camera geek


Not much difference, huh?

Other than the lighthouse, the main draw at Barnegat Light is the sea ducks. The problem is the birds like to hang out way at the end of this jetty along the inlet. Scary stuff! If you haven’t already seen the link at Patrick’s blog, have a look at this story of a local birder who recently fell and was trapped out there in his quest for pics of the eiders that frequent the inlet.

Most people walk the jetty like it’s nothing, but I’m normally a trembling mess. I was ready to refuse outright today and walk along the sand, but went ahead anyway and found it okay. Maybe cause the rocks were dry and it wasn’t freezing cold. The birds make the walk worth it… nestled among the rocks are pretty harlequins and the inlet offered close looks at common loons in breeding plumage and courting oldsquaw.

Way out at the very tip, the jetty boulders were squirming with purple sandpipers… little dark birds that I like nearly as much as sanderlings.

Have a look at Steve’s pics from today… wow. (Camera envy.)

13 thoughts on “Jetty treats”

  1. You’re a brave soul Laura. After reading the story of the guy who fell in between the rocks, I don’t think I’d venture out there (he did get some fabulous pictures though, didn’t he?)

  2. Wow–I read that story, and now I think you’re even MORE cool than I already thought you were. Brave woman!

    Nice pics too!

  3. I enjoyed your pictures. And those gulls stealing ice cream were hilarious! I hope the ice cream shop has posted a warning sign for its customers by now.

  4. @ Patrick: He’s that camera geek …

    @ Laura: Thanks. You can borrow the camera any time you’re out on the jetty. 🙂

  5. Nice photo of the Purple Sandpipers! I’ve had a few close calls trying to walk out on jetties but after reading about that birder’s mishap I’m going to be even more cautious.I’m glad he survived but I found it humourous that he was still collecting photos for a blog post though.

  6. I love LBI. After 20 years of summering in Barnegat Light, I finally started to appreciate the harlequins, ruddy turnstones and purple sandpipers. I have never liked walking the jetty, but the birds are worth it.


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