Tuesday reflected

Early spring at the boardwalk, Asbury Park

It was vaguely above freezing today so I wandered to the boardwalk to see what I could see and found this, much to my delight! Another reflection shot; this one from the window of an art gallery that’s new to the boardwalk. It’s a crazy juxtaposition, I know, but the ocean and boardwalk benches (and a trash can!) are there reflected among a photo montage of some familiar icons… the casino, the carousel and the convention center where Bruce has been practising the last couple nights.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday reflected”

  1. I love window reflections and this shot is exceptional. The colours are beautiful and it is like looking at a puzzle.

  2. I like that picture .. glad you left it up longer … there’s a universal message there, it just escapes me!

    “Reflections of a life”? “Blinded by the past”? “The flaw in transparency”? I don’t know ….

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