14 thoughts on “Stumped (again)”

  1. It’s not a stump, it’s a flower. And a white one at that. I can’t believe you missed that one.

    But seriously, Laura, it looks a bit like a lesser stitchwort, but it’s a tad early to be in bloom. And the petals don’t seem to be cleft enough.

  2. I think it’s a Great(or Star)Chickweed. Early for this time of year, was it recently photographed?
    g beetham

  3. I agree with Star Chickweed. Of course, I also agree with flower, white flower, little white flower, sweet white flower, and “not a stump.”


  4. Dr. Know: Those worts… is there any more confusing family of flowers?

    The chickweeds, probably.


    It was blooming down your way, in the mountains, a couple weeks ago now.

    All: I kinda like Fred the little white (maybe) star chickweed flower.

    I may just ignore white wildflowers from now on… except for bloodroot.


    Thanks for the help.

  5. Orchids are probably more confusing, but mostly not native to the US. But at least the bloodroots are distinctive. And did you know that in parts of the Appalachians, people have eaked out a living selling them to “herbal” shops for decades? At a quarter each? I guess sour mash isn’t as profitable as it used to be…

  6. Oooh, now maybe I will remember the name of this flower. I see it every once in a while and have no clue what it is.

    Always something to learn at your bloggy.

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