The Carousel at Asbury Park

Today was daffodil day in this part of NJ… and the forsythia has plans.

Spring almost!

An interesting day in the field with clients… I saw the spoon man (how many of you can say you know someone who collects wooden spoons?!?), plus I got a kiss on the cheek from the sweetest little old Italian lady.


(There are rare days when I think I have the best job in the whole-wide world.)

7 thoughts on “Carousel”

  1. I’ve known people who collected miniature spoons, but not wooden ones. Love the carousel. Even closed up it is charming.

    Here’s hoping you have more good days like this one.

  2. I’m especially glad you had a great day, seeing as how you had such a bad one recently. Life’s just like that, eh? It teases us and keeps us coming back for more.

    Nice pic! The daffodils here are not yet in bloom; they’re still waiting in the wings. I’m jealous that you and Zick in Ohio are already seeing the blooms.

  3. Laura–I am glad there are days you have the best job in the world, so that it can give you the energy to get through the days when you have the worst job in the world.

  4. What ar the faces pictured on the carousel? The only thing I know about Asbury Park is that bruce Springsteen played there.

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