Making room

This whole packing thing just defeats me. I start out well, but end up tossing things in the bag with little rhyme or reason. An added challenge is that I’m taking only a carry-on bag in an effort to avoid any more airport hell than is absolutely necessary. Then consider that I have no real idea what the weather will be like and that I can’t decide which camera stuff I want with me most.

Anyway, I’d mostly given up and decided that I’d live without whatever it is that won’t fit in that silly little bag. Except I remembered that I’d forgotten the raincoat. And the couple gifts I want to bring along for The Flock. And the DVD that Heather sent ages ago for me to share with them. And…

You get the idea!

There’s no way the laptop will fit, so I’ve written a couple blog posts ahead so there’ll be something here to entertain you until I can convince someone to let me use their laptop to post. If you don’t see anything new for a while, it probably means that everyone left their laptops at home thinking they’d borrow someone else’s. Or that we’re so far in the mountains that there’s no internet service.


It promises to be a great time. There’ll be stories and photos, eventually. Enjoy the waiting along with me.

Now back to that darn suitcase…

11 thoughts on “Making room”

  1. I’m bringing a carload. I gave a brief moment of reflection to only taking what I would have been able to take on a plane and decided nah ……..

  2. I never take anything but a carry on, even to Europe. It’s the only way to travel.

    Have yourself a really wonderful time!

  3. I’ve not started to pack yet and you all are scaring me! I have to work up to the time I leave Thursday, so I better get started. I’m excited to me you at New River!

  4. Very wise idea. When you have a small suitcase, you learn there are some things you really don’t need. If you have a car, then you will pack WAY more than you need. Have a great trip!

  5. I just spent a long weekend in Maryland star gazing. We were serenaded by barred owls each night (very cool!).

    Thursday night it was below freezing. There was frost on the equipment. I was wearing everything I had.

    Saturday I observed in shorts and a tee shirt.

    Have fun packing. πŸ™‚

    And a great time birding. I look forward to the pictures.

  6. Stories and photos! Stories and photos! Hope the time with everyone is great. Thanks for remembering the DVD, although I doubt you’ll watch it all together — too much time on balconies making your own movies again, I hope.

    Wayne, PA

  7. When I went to Texas in Feb, I learned the value of folding my clothes and then rolling them into a tube shape. I got a ton of clothes into my small carry-on bag that way! Yes, everything was wrinkly, but who cares!

    You guys are gonna have such a blast!

    OH WAIT–brainstorm!–ship everything you can’t fit into your bag to KatDoc! You KNOW she’s already bringing three steamer trunks, a couple of hanging bags, some carry-ons, and a camel to carry everything for her. She’ll have room!

    P.S.–hee hee hee, Kathi!

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