A mountain sunset

There’s no direct way to get to West Virginia, I don’t think. Or at least the major airlines would have you believe as much. Because I imagine myself to be an adventurous soul (and because it amuses my friends so much) I’ve taken a rather circuitous route to the New River Birding and Nature Festival.

Buying my tickets online, I realized I couldn’t fly directly here, instead there’d have to be some third city involved in my arrival. The fun was in choosing which city I’d fly into… Cincinnati, D.C., Charleston, Detroit… and from which, I’d wander my way to the New River Gorge in W. Virginia.

So today there’s just this sweet sunset from somewhere along the way.

Clearly I didn’t fly through Detroit!

Any guesses?

4 thoughts on “A mountain sunset”

  1. Makes sense to fly into Charleston and rent a car to drive to the New River Gorge. The plane change was likely DC since it’s directly en route.

    Hope the weather is wonderful and you’re seeing lots of birds.

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