It lasts for always

peepermarch09 Peeper the rabbit died today. She was pretty old and quite shabby, but I loved her just as much today as when she was splendid and new. I’d loved most of her whiskers off, the pink linings of her ears had gone gray, and her brown fur was falling out. She even began to lose her shape and scarcely looked like a rabbit to anyone but me. To me she was always beautiful and very, very Real. Love is real and it lasts for always.

If you’ve read The Velveteen Rabbit, you’ll know how happy I was to give her my heart all these years so that she could become Real. I will miss her.

7 thoughts on “It lasts for always”

  1. Oh Laura. I am so, so sorry. Dang. It’s just so painful. I’m fighting tears. You’ve written a beautiful remembrance.

  2. Laura–so sorry for this transition and the pain it brings you. To have had rabbits for a long time, and then to have to say goodbye to Peeper–oh, my. Saying goodbye to these sweet pets who grace our lives is so hard.

  3. Peeps: I’ll miss you, how your butt wiggles when you eat a banana slice, how you run around your cage when you see me in the morning. You introduced me to the wonders of rabbit expression. 🙂

  4. Many of us knew Peeper for quite a long time! We lost our Princess a few weeks back – she was also old and shabby and just as beautiful as the day she arrived too! Very hard, but so many memories. Take care.

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