Long time, no see

Well, hello!

Long time, no see.

I know it’s been months, but I’m still here. Are you?


I don’t have anything much to say; just checking in and doing some blog maintenance. I’ve added a widget that links to my Instagram feed; that’s fun, I think.

I’ll be back shortly.

6 thoughts on “Long time, no see”

  1. Hi, Laura. Nice to see a post from you. I like the Paradise Gardens shot, particularly because of the sun glare. FWIW I’d crop off the right to just beyond that small light. Then the image is just the assemblages with the sun glare splash. I also checked out the group’s Instagram site and enjoyed a lot of them. You’re still on my Blogroll which seems to be the only way I can see your posts.

    Be well!


  2. Good for you! I signed up for a meetup to do the same thing but never made it out to join the group. After all these years I still use setting like auto,sports mode, and night scenes instead of adjusting iso etc. I’ve lost my patience every time I’ve attempted to manually adjust my camera settings. Nice photos as always and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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