Spring rituals

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.
~Rainer Maria Rilke

On the first day of March, a coworker from Bulgaria gave me this Martenitsa made from red and white yarn to wear as a bracelet until I saw my first sign of the coming spring: a swallow, a stork, or a flowering tree. Wearing the Martenitsa in the meantime would assure me of good luck and health in the coming year. I’m happy to report that just yesterday, I found a suitably beautiful blooming tree on which to hang my lucky charm, as the Bulgarian ritual dictates. Winter is officially over!

Have any spring rituals of your own to share? Ever heard of this one?

4 thoughts on “Spring rituals”

  1. I actually knew about this one! An old coworker’s wife is from Sofia. I bet you could find a number of these around the Wildwoods–the kids come in for summer jobs on the boardwalk and some stay.

    1. I remember that about Wildwood from when I was a kid, Wren! Would be curious to know if they carry on the tradition…

  2. Mow the lawn? Does that count?

    Not heard of that nice ritual.

    Actually, out here in the Pacific Northwest, now is when we begin to go back to the little streams and tributaries of the bigger rivers and look for the baby salmon recently hatched from the fall/winter spawning. They will head down to the sea during the summer, grow for 3 or 4 years and then be back.

    1. Mowing the lawn should count Rabbit’s Guy!

      I’ve no experience with salmon here… must see them someday!

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