19 thoughts on “Bad bird photo of the week”

  1. At a feeder? I was gonna go with my favorite singer the Wood Thrush, but — at a feeder?


    Wood Thrush. I got nothin’ else.

  2. Female RB Grosbeak-If that’s the answer then you gave us too good of a clue-I was thinking that or female Purple Finch.

  3. Well .. seems like the feet are not blue and the beak is not fat .. I guess a rose breasted booby

    MAybe it’s Laura headed for some of that famous Michigan Maple Syrup!

  4. You all are just too much.

    It was a female Rose Breasted Grosbeak… I never imagined it would be that difficult (or generate so many silly comments!)

  5. For my first guess, I just looked at the picture without magnifying it. I also didn’t read very well, since I missed the fact that it was at a feeder. For my second guess, I enlarged the photo and then it was easier. I still didn’t read too well, as I missed the “GROSSLY” obvious clue.

    Hope you are having fun. See the Kirtland’s yet?


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