Boardwalk reflections

Some scenes from an early evening walk along the boardwalk at Asbury Park today…

My favorite shop for reflection pics is the Bodega Shoppe at the southernmost end of the boardwalk. There’s always something interesting on display in the window there… lately there’s this crazy looking bust with a curly wig that ends in a sailboat… fun! Reflected in the window are the happy people dining at Stella Marina (which has really nice homemade pasta, btw.)

The sky reflected in the windows of the north side of Convention Hall… the south side of the building’s been restored, but this side is still crumbling into the Atlantic bit by bit.

A new children’s water park—a water-filled playground where kids wade through shallow pools and run under a giant squirting watering can—sits just off the boardwalk, in view of the ocean. I need to find a stray kid so I can go…


I stumbled upon a jazz band playing a free concert in Convention Hall… Asbury, you just never know.


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  1. I may have mentioned this before, but you have the most artistic eye of any photographer I know. You should be a pro.

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