Birds at Rocky Point

Susan and Seamus came to their first-ever birdwalk without a pair of binoculars between them. As Field Trip Chairperson, I’m supposed to be prepared for this inevitable oversight on the part of the beginning birder with spare bins to loan out, should anyone need a pair.

Of course I always forget the box of loaner bins that’s buried in a closet somewhere. Luckily someone else in our little group had an extra pair to share. Beginners are such fun and really make these walks for me. They’re enthusiastic about every bird and are curious about everything. I think I’m so used to birding with people that know more than me that it’s nice to feel like an expert once in a while.

We birded in the rain, but did pretty well considering the lousy weather. Rocky Point has an interesting history as a coastal defense site and the views on a sunny day can be dramatic. This morning, the ocean and the river and the sky were all gunmetal gray.

The shrubby fields around Battery Lewis held the expected redstarts and cat birds, a baltimore oriole and lots of vocal carolina wrens, plus some massing tree swallows and a lone chimney swift overhead. We had a nice look at a Peregrine and a couple Osprey, too.

Down at the fishing pier at Black Fish Cove, we found a yellowlegs and a couple oystercatchers, plus a very wet and cranky-looking red tail perched along the river.

Our species count for the couple hour walk was only 35, but for these beginners willing to be out in the rain, each was a small, wet joy.

3 thoughts on “Birds at Rocky Point”

  1. Sounds like a very nice day. I love gray days on the coast. It’s a blast being with beginning birders….they have so much enthusiasm…after awhile birders tend to get a been there, saw that attitude. Thanks for sharing!

  2. One of the great rewards of the public star watches my astronomy club hosts is the “wows” and “ahhs” and “mom come looks” of the first timers looking through a telescope.

    We become jaded to the simple pleasures which got us interested in the first place. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm of a newbie as they help us to to get re-acquainted with the wonders of the world around us.

    It doesn’t hurt to be able to show off a bit as an expert either. 🙂

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