A promise kept

Boomer, my heart-bunny
2003 – 10/28/09

In my most pragmatic moments, I think of the Dickens quote: “
Life is made up of a series of meetings and partings,” and try to convince myself that this is, indeed, the way of it and that mourning and memory are the mirror-twins of joy and experience. The latter cannot exist without the former, because otherwise life would be featureless and flat; either constant valley or relentless plateau.

Each bunny brings its own heartbreak, be it with their coming or their going.

Despite his sad start, Boomer came to live an enviable life among bunnies and he lived it well, I think. He was the beloved of two beautiful Flemish-bunny girls in his lifetime and enjoyed many hours napping in the sunshine. He loved a warm bed and a soft pillow. He was easy in the way only a Flemmie can be: gentle, big-hearted, all feet and big ears.

The vacuum and the roar of a lawn mower were the only things to bring out any memory of fear in him.

You’re safe, Boomer. You’re home.

And that was enough, whispered time and again into those sweet velvet ears, to calm him. My secret promise; a reminder for us both.

There’s some part of me that’s in tune with bunnies; that sings in the same key with them. Others don’t get it; they might love cats or dogs or iguanas, but the love of a bunny is different, somehow. It touches some other place; a place that seeks to protect them in their peculiar frailties, as much as it delights in their boundless joy.

The love of a bunny is different.

And the heartbreak is different too, somehow.

27 thoughts on “A promise kept”

  1. Dear Laura,

    I’m so sorry. I tell my rabbits all the time that “No one’s going to hurt you, not while I’m around”. In my time keeping bunnies I have had two pass away, so far. I promised my first rabbit, Clover, that I would always look after a bunny. It is very hard when one of them dies.

  2. Yeah Dave, thanks.

    John: In typical Boomer fashion, he slipped away easy. My husband found him in his favorite patch of sunlight. Never a day sick.

    Forest: Yeah… the promises we make to them.

    Beth: Thanks… I’m glad too. Boomer was the sweetest thing.

    Thanks Island Rider.

    Jayne: Yeah, thanks.

    NCMountainWoman: I think we get the better end of the bargain, though. Don’t you?

  3. Laura, I’m sorry to hear of Boomer’s passing. Losing one of our fur-people never gets easier, no matter how many we have relationship with in our lifetime. Each one is unique and special. You gave him a a good life, and that’s special too.

  4. I’m always a little surprised, in a way, that losing a beloved friend doesn’t get any easier. So many things in our lives do get easier after the first time. This kind of thing, never.

    It is important, though, I think, that Boomer went easily. Sometimes, that’s the best we can hope for. Take care.

    Carolyn H.

  5. The tears are back and, although you’ve written about Boomer, I didn’t even know him. What a mixed experience – he didn’t suffer yet he just left without your knowing. This is the worst part about loving a pet yet we keep going back for more. My thoughts are with you and your family, human and bunnies.

  6. Oh Laura–so sorry. I remember when Boomer’s first girl bunny died, and your loving search for another bunny for him.
    It is so so hard.
    Thinking of you…

  7. I’m so sorry. I loved Boomer, even though I never met him. I guess he’s at the Bridge with Cricket now.

    I wish I knew why it’s so damn hard to get over a bunny or why it’s so hard to resist taking in the next one that needs a home. I guess some of us are just wired that way.

    Binky free, Boomer.

  8. Ah nuts. No fair.

    Floods back memories of Marnie .. also a big mis-treated Flemish who finally got a good home and safety and paid it back with big huge snuggles – but not enough.

    The price for not locking up inside a skin of stone.

  9. I’m sorry to hear of Boomer’s passing. It is never easy to lose a special bunny friend. I lost my sweet Smitten two months ago. Time heals.

  10. I am so sad to hear Boomer left for the bridge. I would always come to your blog and scroll it for pics of your flemmies,love them so much.

  11. LauraO: Hey! Yeah… they leave holes in our hearts, I guess.

    Carolyn: Funny, but I’ve sadly come to anticipate with my bunnies… an easy passing is a blessing for all.

    Lynne: Thanks, I know you understand.

    BethinNYC: It’s crazy, but I’ve cried over lots of people’s animals that I’ve never met. That’s what blogging does… lets us into a love for people and places and things we’ll never directly know.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    desertnutmeg: Thank you. There’s still plenty of bunny love, but I’ll miss him.

    Thanks Diva Kitty.

  12. Laura– I don’t stop by often, but when I do I’m sure to have my heart opened to something here. And now, there is this, a place in my heart for a bunny named Boomer. All the animals we know live their lives like this–so incredibly loved, cared for, worried over. We hope they know. But that’s not why we do it. It’s because of their singular autonomy in the world. They live with us, we love them.

  13. KGMom: Thanks… now to wonder if I shouldn’t find another love for Sunshine.

    Bunnygirl: Some of us are wired that way, yeah.

    I’ll miss him.

    NatureWoman: Thanks.

    SGN: I have that on my fridge still, too.

    I’m glad to know his pic’s out there in the world. He was such a handsome bunny.

    Rabbit’s Guy: Not fair, I agree.

    Peanut, Ruthie, d. moll, and pla725: Thanks for sending along your thoughts for Boomer.

    Andrewbun: Thanks… little by little I’ve been tagging old pics… so check back.

    RobinAndrea: Thanks for saying so… they do live on with us.

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