Should it ever stop raining…

My plan is to pack a bag with cheese, some lovely fresh berries, challah bread, a good-sized grubby blanket, a book, a large container of bubble mix, and a bubble wand and head to somewhere that I can feel the sun on my face.

Who knows what’ll happen next.

What’s your plan?

8 thoughts on “Should it ever stop raining…”

  1. Well first, in the Pacific NW you never really plan that it won’t rain! However – heading for somewhere by the water with snacks is good in the spring.

  2. I already did it. As soon as the rain eased up this morning, I headed out to check my garden (it looks good) and see what I could find to photograph. Of course, I found something, and I just posted it on my blog.

  3. That’s our motto here in Ohio. If the sun comes out – fall down and look up!

    I like your plan. My problem: I can’t read. I’m too distracted by springyness.

  4. My plan is to kayak upriver — and scan the riverside trees for spring migrants — if the wind ever stops blowing.

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