Sandy Hook…

where every platform

and every chimney is occupied!

A couple hours this afternoon at the SHBO Migration Watch platform provided plenty of close looks at osprey – there are four active nests visible from the watch site alone – plus nice looks at some merlins and a couple sharpies. Turkey vultures were circling, hesitant to cross the bay. Plenty of gannets were flying close to the beach, as well. Some early butterflies were out, which along with airplanes overhead, provided ID challenges when the birds were slow.
Our counter this year, John VanDort, maintains a well-written blog about his sightings at the Hook (and elsewhere) that I’ve enjoyed reading since discovering it. Have a look!

2 thoughts on “Occupied”

  1. Isn’t it lovely to be out-of-doors with kindred spirits?

    And dang. – Gannets – I only ever saw them once. Gotta get cracknn’!

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