8 thoughts on “Bad bird photo of the week”

  1. Sounds like a fun project!

    The Field Guide To Warbler Butts, Eastern US by Laura Hardy

    And I’ve plenty of photos to donate to the effort.


  2. Okay, let’s start collecting those bird butt pictures! This one would be a great example of a Hooded Warbler!

  3. Webtoad: How in the world did you know that???

    Rabbit’s Guy: It certainly feels intentional!


    Jayne: Yeah… I have a hard enough time finding them in the bins, never mind getting photos!

    MevetS and Gardenpath: Anyone who’s tried, must have plenty like this one.

    Murr: Yeah.


  4. Very simple. Of the options, only a Hooded Warbler would land on a small branch right below a slightly larger branch like that, and at that height in the foliage in West Virginia on May 1st. Knowing your lens choice, you had to be pretty close, so he’s only slightly over your head. The pink feet were also a clue. The sky color was the final clue, as Hooded Warblers are more likely to fly near humans on partially overcast days.

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