World Series 2010

They were almost delirious enough around 7 pm to smile at my camera without much prodding beyond, “Time for the obligatory group photo everyone!”


We’d been out for better than 12 hours at that point and had just about tallied our total for the day, save for the odd swallow and a bittern that never materialized. It was a fabulous day for birds… the kind of day where you just want to plant yourself in one spot and watch wave after wave of migrants come to you; it was that good! Sandy Hook can be spectacular under the right conditions and this year’s World Series of Birding was just such a day. We ended with a record-setting (for us) 143 species!

And to think some birders go midnight to midnight and traipse across the whole state for less.


Bad bird pics to follow, shortly. Previous posts about WSB are gathered here.

4 thoughts on “World Series 2010”

  1. WOW! You saw an amazing number of birds…wonderful birding day for sure.
    I am hosting a Baltimore Oriole party in my backyard. 30 Orioles were enjoying grapes and oranges and all sorts of chatting on my deck this past weekend. In the mix were a couple of Orchard Orioles too males, females and little ones.
    The birds are the best movie in town.

  2. Rabbit’s Guy: It was hardly work, but…


    Q: Hi! It was a great day and I envy you your Orioles!

    Enjoy them!

    Steve: lol!

    There was, of course, the obligatory mid-day coffee run to DD.

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