When I didn’t know what hit me

I’m working on a different kind of list here in the last couple days before that birthday-which-must-not-be-named.


It’s wanting to be a really long list and I’m having fun with making it. It’s a list that commemorates the unexpected things that can happen over the course of a year, little moments that I never saw coming, things I had no idea I’d do in a run of 365 days…

I can’t lie; it hasn’t been the easiest year. There’s been parts, in fact, that were so painful I can barely stand to speak of them.

But this is how you get over, I think: you make a list of the good.


This year I:

watched an adult male harrier float over the red of an October cranberry bog

had dumplings in chinatown and alligator sausage in a cream sauce that’s to die for

went to a major league baseball game. my first ever. on opening day.

(and the home team won!)

shared black raspberry ice-cream on the first day of summer

realized that I need someone who’ll read poetry with me, or write it for me


spent an afternoon photographing a coworker’s adorable babies

wished on a falling star in the mountains at Christmas

learned to like hugs from my big brothers

(well, almost.)

stood high above the New River bridge and then way down below it, again

hosted THE bird-blog carnival and survived

unknowingly started an airport postcard collection

had my hair blown wild as seaweed in a boat on Lake Superior

(and didn’t puke!)

got hooked on lavender lemonade and yoga on the boardwalk

watched lots of spectacular sunsets

found the singular most beautiful orchid. period.

got my first ever parking ticket and had my first ever car accident (today!)

(the good in that isn’t immediately obvious, but I’m hopeful)

learned to make an omelette and pump gas

finally got over some of my little-girl fears of swimming in the ocean

played poker for laundry money

learned what real heat and humidity feel like

found my 5th grade teacher on Facebook and she remembered me!

saw flamingos!

spent the better part of an afternoon lost on Rte. 3 and found myself at José Tejas

watched ravens weave invisible patterns with the wind

– – – – – – – – – – –

Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel. ~Author Unknown

I’ve been blessed this year, for sure.

18 thoughts on “When I didn’t know what hit me”

  1. Happy 29th Birthday! I hope there were no major problems with the accident. You have had a good year!

  2. For the big day coming up, happy birthday.
    Actually, this birthday (I have a suspicion which one it is) is not so big a hump. Try turning Medicare age–that’s more of a hump, and for you that one’s WAY off on the horizon. Not even visible.

    Love the list. Think of the accident this way–now that one is out of the way. No need to repeat.

    Have a good year coming up. I look forward to reading the next list.

  3. For whatever painful parts of this past year you have endured…I am truly sorry.

    For the uplifting nature of this great post…I am truly blessed. You are in inspiration.

  4. Here’s hoping this year’s list will be even longer!

    And if that social worker thing doesn’t work out you at least have a new skill you can fall back on.

    “Fill’er up, regular mam.”


  5. I enjoyed reading your list.I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had some tough times this year whatever they were. Happy Birthday and I hope good things come your way between now and your next birthday to make it a memorable year.

  6. In spite of the pain, what a wonderful year. So good that you can still see the good in your life and write about it in such a beautiful and poetic way! Happy birthday to you whenever it was!

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