Our options have recently changed


You’ve reached Laura in the Rental Assistance Unit. I’m not able to take your call right now.

Probably because I’m avoiding you.

Before leaving a message, please listen to the following options, as they’ve recently changed:

If you’re calling to request that I send a letter to your foodstamp/welfare worker verifying your rental share, press one (#1) to tell them to get off their lazy butt and walk upstairs to my desk to get it themself. It’s not my job to do their job, too.

If you’re calling to give me some lame excuse about why you haven’t paid your rent in six months and are about to be evicted, press two (#2) and realize that I won’t believe a single sad story you’ll tell me.

If you’re calling me for the fifth time in as many minutes, just hang up and accept that there’s a reason I’m not picking up the phone.

Like, maybe, I’m avoiding you.

If you’re calling from Georgia and want me to lie to my boss to save your ass, press three (#3) and reconcile yourself to the fact that you screwed up big this time and I won’t stick my neck out for you, ever, again.

If you’re calling to rat out your neighbor/ex-girlfriend/sister because he/she drives a nicer car than you/has more tv’s than you/pissed you off/kicked you out yesterday, please press four (#4) until you’re willing to put something in writing and sign your name to it. I love making fraud referrals with a real name attached.

If you’re calling to explain to me how you’re only “technically” married, press five (#5) and take a deep breath. I’ve heard it all before and this better be good!

If you make more money than me and still can’t manage to pay your rent each month then press six (#6) ’cause, really, I’m a social worker now and should have taken that job on Wall St. instead.

If you’re just lonely and need someone to talk to, dial x6023 to talk with Linda who’s bored and doesn’t have her fair share of nutty clients, frankly.

If you’re calling about bedbugs, dial seven (#7) and thank you for the warning before I do our next home visit.

If, however, you’re calling to thank me for my compassion and hard work on your behalf, please hold, as your call will be transferred directly to my supervisor.”

; )

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11 thoughts on “Our options have recently changed”

  1. LOL. Hope you don’t run into any of them on the beach. Except those favorites, of course.

  2. Why is it that frustration and anger make some of us so much more eloquent?

    Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous for a second day here in Cape May; hope you are having the same and are able to enjoy it!

  3. I’m going to copy this and send it to my twin brother, a social worker in Monterey. He would love this, and it may inspire him to change his phone options!

  4. Ah, the glamorous life of a social worker. For those of us who know just how difficult your job is, and who know what wonderful work you do…a big THANK YOU!

  5. I wish auto phone systems were like that some times. At least it would make me pay attention while waiting to make a selection. My sister is a social worker and I’m in a similar field so I found this very entertaining!

  6. No real anger or frustration here… this list started out with a good bit of laughing with my coworkers. The lunacy of our job just takes over sometimes…

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