My spring

Did you ever chance to hear the midnight flight of birds passing through the air and darkness overhead, in countless armies, changing their early or late summer habitat? It is something not to be forgotten… You could hear “the rush of mighty wings,” but oftener a velvety rustle, long drawn out… occasionally from high in the air came the notes of the plover.
–Walt Whitman, Specimen Days

The warming March sun and a faintly whistled “peep lo” lured me to Sandy Hook this weekend to greet the newly arrived Piping Plovers. Courting Woodcock the evening before, an Osprey making a bee-line up the coast and the season’s first Phoebe completed the day.

Happy Spring!

5 thoughts on “My spring”

  1. Love the Whitman quote! It was about 2 am in the middle of South Dakota, a May night as we got out of car to check into Super 8. I am sure they were warblers, it was magical.

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