My brothers and me

I came across this old photo yesterday while transferring files from my old PC. I had scanned it last year so my brother could include it in a slideshow he was preparing for my father’s wake. It was a year ago yesterday that my dad died. My brother put together this great composite of old photos from when my parents and we kids were young and had the slideshow playing on a laptop placed on a small table at the memorial home during the wake. It gave people visiting something nice to laugh and reminisce over.

I think the photo was taken in Virginia Beach during the mid 70’s on vacation. It’s one of my favorites, I think because we all look so scrawny and goofy. In most pictures of us as kids at least one of my brothers is making a silly face or holding his fingers up behind the other’s head. In this one they look like they’re behaving! My big brother has that Budweiser hat on which he probably still owns and wears fishing. Nice memories.