We’re all ears!

Boomer and Cricket on their adoption day 3/6/04
Happy Gotcha Day Boomer and Cricket!
It’s been two years since Rich and I brought you home from Jody at Kind Heart Rescue. She had pulled you out of the slaughterhouse and gave you love and safety until I found you, just days after losing my first Flemish Giant, Mr. Bean. I remember how you flirted with me, Boom-Boom, when I visited with you for the first time in your outdoor pen. You danced and darted all around me, but wouldn’t let me touch you. Cricket, you wouldn’t even be lured out of your hutch by the oatmeal and raisins that Jody tempted you with. But I was smitten just the same and returned a week later to take you both home with me.
Everyday you make me smile with your antics and I am inspired by the devotion you show to one another.
My promise is the same as it has always been: you are safe, you are loved, you are home.

4 thoughts on “We’re all ears!”

  1. Oh, my, they look so sweet and soft and wonderful and huggable. You are doing a good thing, caring for these rabbits. Were they all rescues?
    Boomer and Cricket’s fur looks thick enough to sink your fingers into.
    Thank goodness for people like you.

  2. They are soft and sweet and very snuggly, yes.

    All but 2 of my present 5 are rescues. 2 others that passed away were rescues also. The 2 that are not rescues were my first bunnies from the petstore. They’ll be 5 years old this summer!

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