4/26/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Boomer’s favorite pillow 4/25/06
Cricket (on the bottom) is not nearly as uncomfortable as her squished-up face makes her look in this photo. I had to sneak up on them with my camera early yesterday morning, in between getting myself ready for work, to take this photo. It seems to be their favorite way to snuggle at night, lately. During the day, they curl up together side-by-side in their hidey-box, but at night Boomer and Cricket will come out of their pen and lay this way on their poppy-covered rug, watching us watch them in the living room.

I’ve seen photos of other bunnies snuggling this way and have to say how adorable I find it. It is a little alarming to consider that Boomer weighs about 20 lbs., but Cricket is content to have Boomer nap atop of her, so long as he wakes occasionaly to wash her ears. Once she’s had enough, or can’t hold her breath any longer, she’ll back out from under him. These two are so affectionate with one another – it is a joy to witness the contentment in all their bunny *doings*.

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  1. Oh Laura, you are killing me here. Someday I will have a Flemmie!!! They are sooooo cute together. I can’t just picture you sneaking around with your camera trying to get a pic of them 🙂 Hazel would lay on Chopper like that but I never got a photo. I always wondered how in the world he could breathe with all that bunny on him. But his face showed nothing but bliss.

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