Cinnamon fern

Cinnamon fern grows in wet woods and is good cover for small woodland creatures. Books say that hummingbirds sometimes use the fuzzy young fronds to line their nests. I found these growing on Saturday between visits to Dora at the vet’s in a quiet county park.

I like to visit this park because of the variety of habitats. The entrance, with its lined walkway of sycamores, attracts nesting Baltimore and Orchard Orioles. The scrubby fields used to be good for Blue-Winged Warblers, but Saturday I found only one singing his lazy “Beee-buzzzz” song. The dark, wet woods have Wood Thrush and Ovenbirds and many Common Yellowthroats. Most importantly, it is quiet there. No soccer fields, no playgrounds, no bike bath, no planned and managed *open space*. Just nature, without any amenities or improvements.

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon fern”

  1. thanks for the link – i tried to comment yesterday but — technology rules…

    we keep hoping to have a weekend birding in nj but — life has a way of crowding in and keeping us too busy – how glad i am to live in the country where i can escape for a few moments of quiet

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