A late June day beside the pond

The pond is overflowing with color now that warmer temps have set in. Daylilies, bee balm, hostas, and ladybells blooming on the margins all try to distract my attention from the water and fish. Mint is creeping from every wet rock edge. Last night’s tree frog is calling again from somewhere in the bog garden; maybe high up on one of the Joe Pye stems, ready to decend for another evening spent advertising his new-found territory. The Parrot’s Feather is spreading across the surface of the water and creating shade and cover for the fish as it grows. Last weekend I bought this beautiful purple waterlily; it’s a tropical, so I’ll have to try and overwinter it indoors somehow.

Beautiful! Three flowers were open today, but I focused on just this one.

This is one of the white butterfly koi that was hiding the last time I was out taking pics.

One of many volunteer Floating Hearts (Nymphoides peltata) – visible in the opening photo along the left edges of the pond – the small leaves are heart-shaped and resemble a waterlily. Not sure where it came from, but it sure is pretty! And free!

The other white butterfly koi who is turning more yellow as the days pass – beautiful, hungry fish!

I love late afternoons by the pond – less glare from the sun lets me see the fish beneath the water and the neighborhhood is quiet. If it weren’t for the mosquitos, I think I could spend hours out there. It mesmerizes me somehow; the ever-changing patterns of fish and leaf and moving water.

8 thoughts on “A late June day beside the pond”

  1. sigh — and sigh again – how beautiful!
    Ours is still in progress – trying to determine how to put in the fall and the tiny stream. I did get some native waterlilies this weekend so hope continues.

  2. Beautiful pond, beautifully designed. And Koi- They are incredibly lovely fish. Fish-seems a very mundane word to designate these graceful creatures.
    Really nice pic of the Water Lily.

  3. Love the pics of your pond – and such a handsome fellow, that koi! Do you have problems with raccoons and other predators ‘fishing’ in your pond?

  4. What a wonderful place, Laura. I loved reading about all of the plants and the tree frog possibly climbing joe pye.

  5. Your pond is so very lovely Laura. I agree with Susan, that first pic is breathtaking 🙂

    Aren’t the Koi fun? They look like they are flying to me when they swish past – esp the butterfly koi with their beautiful long fins.

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