Please water my flowers while I’m away…

My friend Michelle sent this along to me tonight – can you imagine watering all these pots? And how to get the hose to reach them all? At least they’re geraniums – which don’t need water every day! I wouldn’t mind the watering so much if I got to spend time in this beautiful courtyard.

8 thoughts on “Please water my flowers while I’m away…”

  1. Isn’t it a cool picture! Funny, I knew you would love the plants – I didn’t even notice they were geraniums HA!, but I giggled so at the “little ole ladies” and the “snausage” dog – just made the pic more the real life (pleasant life) somewhere. I don’t know where the pic was taken, though it has a European sense to it. Man, I hadn’t even thought about planting them all, just thought upkeep would be more than I would want – perhaps they are all faux? My Grandma used to keep real plants and fake plants together and you had to touch them to know which were which. LOL.

  2. That is truly something! I wonder what it is like if they bring home a new pot of flowers:

    “So where do you think this one should go?”

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