Watch me grow!

If I’m not careful, I’m going to have to change the name of this blog to “The Daily Plover”.

: )

These are some of my favorite pix from the past week. Understand that nearly every photo is a favorite and I take upwards of 100 photos of these babies each time I’m out with them. I’m considering wallpapering my place with them I have so many!

We’re still watching over 4 chicks; we try not to hover and worry too close, but if you sit still enough they’ll scuttle right past your toes. This afternoon I was sure one was going to invite itself into someone’s beach bag!

They’re 3 weeks old now and have the funniest tail feathers… little duck butts! I saw the largest of the 4 testing its wings a bit this afternoon in the high dunes… it won’t be long before they’re flying.

Gulls continue to be a source of anxiety for us all… you need only see one carry away a tern chick one time to understand how quickly a gull can act when the opportunity presents itself. The public is still mostly supportive and cooperative, save for the occasional gang of teenage boys or the dopes on cell phones who think the rules don’t apply to them. I’ve had to use my teacher voice a lot in the last couple days!

14 thoughts on “Watch me grow!”

  1. Go, Laura, with the teacher voice.
    Oh, yes–I understand that voice well. I think many a teacher could clear a room with THE VOICE.
    Hey, how about going to DC, using your teacher voice and getting some sense into the warring parties–fix the problem, for goodness sake.

  2. I remember my days on plover patrol well.. falling in love over and over and over again. And here I go again – keep using that voice, they need you, and I for one am grateful for every single minute you have spent protecting these most precious little miracles. (and when you design the wallpaper, I’d love a few rolls! 🙂

  3. Wonderful pix of adorable chicks. We have them here on the north shore of Long Island and I’ve spent an hour watching them scoot around. The parent birds run in front of me pretending to have a broken wing. I’m guessing you are at the Jersey shore.

  4. Peobably 4 more than there would a been without ya. Good going!

    Plover wall paper, rabbit wall paper, baseball play wall paper – whatever!

  5. I’m quite enjoying getting my daily plover fix.

    I worry about withdrawal symptoms once they leave.

    Very nice series.

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