6000 miles*

There were two days following behind a rental truck that had all my worldly belongings inside. Then a quick trip to the left coast (finally!) to dip my toes in that other (very cold!) ocean.

Baseball games, garden tours, marching band competitions…

(who’da guessed it?)

: )

I’m not settled quite yet; still there are boxes left to unpack.

We’re figuring this out… this necessary blending together of disparate lives.

I’m loving the light that pours in the windows here in the afternoons; it lulls me into a nap with a cat beside me.

(A cat?)

(Two, actually.)

Right. Exactly.

; )

I have everywhere still to go.

*give or take a few detours for coffee.

: )

Sorry to have been away for so long…

6 thoughts on “6000 miles*”

  1. Welcome back–though, truth be told, we knew you hadn’t “left” us…
    So I get a bunny and you get cats.
    Speaking of bunnies–how did yours fare on the trip?

  2. Cats, and bunnies, and dog? Cool. Good to hear from you. Looking forward to pictures of the new view.

    Wayne, PA

  3. I have missed you and I’m glad to hear that you are safe and sound and settling in. I suspect you have some really good stories to tell us. Remember the old saying: You KNOW you are going to laugh about this later. Might as well go ahead and laugh now!

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