Postcards from NJ

A fun idea for a photo meme from Vitamin Sea via Pure Florida.

Send along your requests for photos from where I live. I’ll go out with camera in hand and roam the neighborhood. It’s a chance for me to play tour guide and show off my hometown and local area. What snapshot from New Jersey would you like to see?

Include requests in the comment section here and consider playing along on your own blog.

9 thoughts on “Postcards from NJ”

  1. I am so glad you’re joining us! It’s nice to meet you this way, too. Since I’ve never been to Jersey, I’d love to see the lakes or ocean (if it’s nearby) or any parks near you. I’m real into nature, anything along those lines would attract me, personally. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know why, but that postcard make me think of Asbury Park. Have you been to Jungleland?

    For a small state, NJ has a lot of interesting places. I read a whole book about the Meadowlands. I love John McPhee’s “The Pine Barrens.” I REALLY want to spend more time in the barrens. I love the birding heritage of Cape May. I hiked over High Point many moons ago. I saw my first ruddy duck at Brigantine.

    But, through your blog, Laura, I’m learning more about the northern shore area. Keep it up!

  3. Laura: Hi! I do live near the ocean and will be glad to get a pic for you. Probably won’t be anywhere near as pretty as the water in your area, though.

    Mojoman: I found the postcard on a poster site and almost posted the one your probably thinking of from the Bruce album. Asbury Park is just around the corner, more or less. Maybe I’ll get down there tomorrow and post a pic of Jungleland.

    FC: Thanks for stopping by and passing along this fun idea. I enjoy your ocassional posts about your school.

    I’m suprised πŸ˜‰ that no one is dying to see pics of Jersey smokestacks or traffic jams or malls!

  4. What a VERY cool idea! I’m going to go for another shot of somewhere to wiggle your toes in the sand, preferably a less-developed beach area like some of the others you’ve shared with us. Happy shooting!

  5. -llm.: That will be a tough one because I don’t have very many birds coming to the feeders right now, but maybe I can snag a pic at the birdbath. Thanks!

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