My husband’s parents were married on October 21, 1945. She was born and raised in NJ (and has lived most of her life down the street from the childhood home that she was born in). He was born in California, but grew up in Tennessee. She was around 17 years old when married, he had already been to war and was stationed at the nearby army base on his return. They met at the roller-skating rink. This is a scan of the only picture from their wedding day – her dress was light blue. They honeymooned in Newark, NJ. We gave them a 50th wedding anniversary party in 1995, but my father-in-law passed away before they celebrated their 58th.

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  1. This sounds like a classic story from the Greatest Generation. We have a lot to thanks those people for. (Especially the baby boom…Us!) They built the America we know. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty darn good.

  2. Your are so fortunate to have a photo of your in laws. Or any photo that early. I do not have a wedding pic of my parents.
    IT such a treasure for you.

  3. Madcap: I don’t think he looks shy at all. He was a country boy, but quite a few years older than my MIL. He looks like he was up to something in this pic.

    Silverlight: You’re right – we’re a little reluctant to give this pic back to her that it will get lost.

    Bunnygirl: Theirs was a great love story, really. When my FIL passed away I didn’t think my MIL would find a way to go without him – imagine being alone after all that time together.

    Mojoman: My FIL was a character! And could he tell a story! Lots of times over Sunday dinners he would tell war stories or stories about growing up in the south. I miss his telling them. After he passed away we found two bronze stars among his army things, but never were able to find out what they were awarded for.

  4. Lovely photo.(I love old photos!)People of this WW2 generation grew up quickly and often faced life with little more than courage, hard work, and optimism. We can learn a lot from them.

  5. Susan: Yes, beautiful in a very simple way – never mind that my MIL had the tiniest waist (before 6 children!)

    Ruth: Seems so young to be married, IMO, but guess that was the norm. They lived a very different life, for sure.

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