9 thoughts on “%*&^^!!@ Blogger!!”

  1. I took a one day course in blogging before I started blogging, and the instructor said WordPress and Flickr are the best. You can import all of your postings from blogger into WordPress.
    I can’t stand it when I can’t post a comment to a blogger blog. I can’t imagine not being able to make a post or load photos.

  2. It was being a pain in the butt for sure. 10000 Birds is using WordPress now. I kinda like it but am use to blogger.

  3. According to this, it’s temporary, but it sure seems like there have been a lot of problems lately. I would consider switching to another platform, but I don’t need the extra expense right now.

  4. Blogger ate a lot of my comments last week –
    Wednesday I could only open Raven’s Nest on my list of blogger friends
    Thursday could only post one photo and it took nearly an hour to do that…

    At least we are not alone in our frustrations – ug

  5. My brother is thinking of starting a blog and I suggested he go with WordPress, rather than Blogger.

    I wonder how difficult (and time-consuming) it is to switch and carry all the old posts to a new site. Anyone here done that?

  6. I’m not sure if WordPress has any kind of automated process for moving posts from Blogger. If it doesn’t, the process could be pretty tedious. Moving the DC Audubon site to drupal took a lot of cutting and pasting, but that was a somewhat different situation.

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