Honey, I think it’s done

We had my favorite for dinner on Sunday night – Spaghetti! Pasta is more or less a forbidden food here since my husband found out a few years ago that he has diabetes. I love pasta and bread more than anything, except cheese, and miss eating it. I hardly ever get to have it for lunch even, because my lunch-buddy Deb makes me eat healthy salads everyday.

We decided to cheat, just once, because I was craving Spaghetti. I was totally decadent and bought nice Italian bread and whole milk ricotta cheese to mix with the pasta. Heavenly!

The DH ended up in charge of cooking while I wandered off to do something else. While I was cleaning up the dishes and stove I discovered the poor charred houseplants that I had left on top of the stove to drain. The one on the right is more or less okay, just a little singed around the edges, but the other is totally baked. I wonder, do you think it will recover? 😉

If you’re interested, the plant is called a Pin Cushion Plant or Coral Bead Plant (Nertera granadensis) and is a weird little houseplant in the madder family sold around Halloween. I read that it’s native to moist, boggy places in New Zealand and Tasmania. Apparently, it doesn’t do well on the stove, despite all the steam from the boiling pasta.

9 thoughts on “Honey, I think it’s done”

  1. I would move the plants elsewhere and they’ll probably come back. When my DH found that his sugar was way high (borderline diabetes) over a year ago, we gave up starches, i.e. rice, potatoes, bread, pasta… But we treat ourselves to pasta every two weeks anyway. I sorely miss mashed potatoes and all of those starchy sides and find myself ordering as much starch as I can when in a restaurant. Our new eating habits have helped our waistlines, though!

  2. Oh, dear. That looks like something I would’ve done. I’m no good with plants, for all that my father grew up on a farm and could grow anything. He tried to teach me, but I remain only good at the theoretical aspects. Give me a real live plant, and tragedy is sure to follow. 🙁

  3. You can have cheese. That notation got reversed. As with anything, be sensible.
    Cheese besides milk is a good source of calcium. And I can lose weight when I eat it.

  4. Sounds like something I’d do! Hope the cooked plant revives. Pasta is one of those things I limit as well, and tend to stick to the whole wheat variety.

    Hey Laura, would you drop me an email at blessingsabound@mac.com? I need help with some bird ID. Thanks!

  5. Mmmmm, I love spags and sauce myself, but I don’t eat it anymore. But every once in a while I get out the sauce and pour it over my veggies.
    It will be interesting to see if the plant recovers!

  6. Mary: Yes, moving them is the first step. Really I just left them there to drain for a while!

    The starches are my favorites – and mashed potatoes – mmmmm! It’s a good thing I love vegetables.

    Bunnygirl: I’m better with the theoretical aspects of houseplants myself. I haven’t gone so far as to buy plastic or silk houseplants, but mostly that’s because it would only mean more dusting.

    Susan: I thought for sure you would make a joke about the veggie garden we set on fire.

    Silverlight: I have to have cheese – my husband wouldn’t really miss it though.

    Samtzmom: I love whole wheat pasta with veggies, but don’t like it with a red sauce.

    Lynne: Poor plants is right. You know me and houseplants!

    Naturewoman: It’s not looking any better since I took the pics. ;-(

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