11/30/06 Mid-week bunny fix

Boomer and Cricket went to the vet on Tuesday for a check-up. Because they are so closely bonded, I send them together, with the idea that they won’t be as frightened if they have each other for company. They are big bunnies – Flemish Giants – as a breed very laid-back, but my two were rescued from a slaughterhouse so they tend to be a bit high-strung for their breed.

We go to an animal hospital that treats dogs and cats, but that also has two vets who see *exotic* animals only. One Flemmie causes a stir in the waiting room at the vet’s, but two together is quite a show. Me trying not to throw my back out carrying forty pounds of bunny is even more of a show.

The most difficult part of the ordeal is getting the two of them into the carrier at the same time. I’ll usually bring the carrier up out of the basement a few days before the appointment so that they might not be so afraid of it. They’ll go in an out of it, and Boomer might even take a nap there, but as soon as I try to force them in and close the door they panic on me.

The visit with the vet went well and both bunnies had their nails trimmed and scent glands cleaned – two things I’m not able to do myself at home because they won’t let me hold them for long enough. They behave beautifully in the arms of a stranger though – go figure! Cricket has an odd growth on her lip that I found a few months ago and wanted the vet’s opinion on. He suggests removing it so both bunnies will be going back next Wednesday for the procedure.

When we came back to the house, rather than lugging the carrier out onto the sunporch where the bunnies live, I let them out in the kitchen, which is a room they haven’t had the courage to explore in their 2 1/2 years here. Cricket quickly found her way through the living room and dining room and into her favored napping spot on the porch, but sweet Boomer roamed around for a while as if lost.

11 thoughts on “11/30/06 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. I love the picture of Boomer’s hiney hopping away. Too cute!

    I hope Cricket’s bump is OK.

    I reeeally need to see a picture of your Flemmies with you so I can see how big they are!

  2. Naturewoman: Boomer is a charmer!

    Bunnygirl: Me too. Anything like this is scary with a bunny.

    Lynne: I almost didn’t post the pic cause it’s just his backside, but I couldn’t resist. Love seeing him on my checkerboard floor.

    I have to get my husband to take a pic of us so you can see how big they are.

  3. Like everyone else, I love the bunny butt in the kitchen! You need to photo them in action more. They weight nearly as much as my dogs???? I want a picture of you with them, too.

  4. Susan: Many vets know as much about *exotics* as they know about the moon. A special vet is a good thing.

    Samtzmom: These two do everything together. They would be sad apart.

    Mary: They are both around 17-18 pounds. Big appetites! Will work on a photo for you all.

    Robin Andrea: Same thing with the dog – I think they play on our not wanting to hurt them.

  5. Ahhh! So cute! I need to get down to our local pet store (which is a REALLY good one and takes unbelievable care of their pets) and hold some bunnies to find out if I’m as allergic to them as I am to guinea pigs. My daughter needs another fluffy pet and I think a small rabbit might do nicely.

  6. Liza: If you do decide on a bunny (I’m not prone to allergies, but their fur makes me a little nutty sometimes) – please consider a shelter bunny.

    Oh and don’t think that little is better with bunnies – the dwarfs tend to be fursharks that your daughter might not enjoy so much. Really not a good *beginner* bunny, IMO.

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