Festive frog

This frog perched pondside is the extent of our outdoor decorating this year – I like it, but worry that it might be keeping the fish awake! My husband loves outdoor decorations and would have the yard filled with obnoxious stuff if I let him have his way. He came home with this gem following an unsupervised shopping excursion with his brother a few weeks ago. It makes me laugh when I see it there in the middle of the dark yard, so it can stay.

We’re just about ready for company tomorrow; the house is mostly clean, the gifts are wrapped and under the tree, and my husband is out doing the traditional *cookie run* to our friends. In good years we bake; the last few we’ve bought delicious trays of the best Italian cookies we can find to give as gifts for neighbors and coworkers. I have some cooking to do still and then plan to spend the rest of the night staring at our pretty tree from the couch.

9 thoughts on “Festive frog”

  1. Cute, cute froggie! We had my family’s celebration on Wednesday, and husband’s family is coming on Tuesday, so I’ll be spending today and tomorrow cleaning and doing what advanced food prep I can. Hope you and yours have a magical, beautiful Christmas Laura.

  2. You know I need to find a frog like that! How Cute! Glad to hear you are all ready and have time to relax. Merry Christmas, Laura!

  3. THAT, Laura, is the single most delightful holiday lighting I’ve seen, I LOVE him! I doubt Florida Cracker has seen him yet- he’ll be jealous.

    We already have 11 here so I’ve given up all hope of things being in order again before the 27th- I’m just sitting back and trying to enjoy the chaos. Tonight wil be Christmas Eve service and that usually settles everyone down enough to quietly enjoy the tree lights and the fire before drifting off to bed.

    I came by to wish you the very very best of days. I hope your Christmas is merry and bright and full of the warmth of family and friends. I’m so happy you have become my “neighbor” this year. Your posts are beautiful and smart and funny- a pleasure to read. Thank you.

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year with more peace for us all.

  4. Love that frog! I’ll try to get a pic of our outdoor display tonight. It’s pretty subdued except for ONE part! 🙂 We’re inspired by our neighbors across the street who only did about 1/3 of their display this year as he’s been ill (and it still looks AMAZING!) but in year’s past it’s been awe-inspiring! 🙂

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