1/4/07 Mid-week bunny fix

I love photos like this one of Boomer sleeping in a patch of sunlight! The sunporch where they live is south-facing and the winter sun is low enough in the western sky in the afternoon to send the sunbeams down to floor level where Boomer naps. Many bunnies somehow manage to sleep with their eyes open – I like to call it *contemplating the universe* when I catch them at it – but Boomer just zonks out in the afternoon with his eyes closed and belly up. He’ll allow me to ruffle the soft white fur on his belly, but if I dare to kiss it he wakes up and regards me with a pfuftf ! I’ve not ever found him sleeping on his back like some bunnies are known to do, but he does a not-so-graceful jump-twist-flop to get into this position, often beside Cricket. Sometimes I find them spooning together, but Cricket doesn’t sleep soundly enough to allow a photo.

15 thoughts on “1/4/07 Mid-week bunny fix”

  1. I was just on my way back here to comment on the bonsai and we’ve moved on to Boomer. I would want to snuggle him far more than he wants to be snuggled, I’m sure.

    I got distracted from the bonsai trees earlier because Sophie wandered off in the dark (we’re too casual about leaving the doors open down here!)and I was frantic she would look for the way back to Chicago, or maybe Ann Arbor. I found her up a neighbor’s tree with their dog barking frantically below.

    I do love the trees. Bonsai seem like a perfect combination of nature and art.

  2. Sweet Boomer– I just wanna sqeeeeze him! There are few things that melt me more quickly than a bunny in one of those wholly relaxed, belly-exposed snoozing positions.

  3. Naturewoman: He is a snuggle-bunny!

    Vicki: I wouldn’t be so sure – Boomer is pretty affectionate.

    Glad you found Sophie (up a tree -poor thing!). It must be so hard on pets to be relocated. Is this her first time in the new place?

    Cathy: Almost as fetching as your daffodils. 🙂

    Bunnygirl: I think lops do it best because they turn their face to the side also – my Freckles sometimes sleeps that way but I can’t ever sneak up on her.

    Susan: Glad to be of service. 😉

  4. I think that is one of the cutest bunny pictures you’ve posted. I SO want to run my fingers through his tummy fur.

  5. So Cute! I wonder if your bunnies dream like dogs do… I’ll hear faint barks and whines, see the paws twitching. I am really getting into your Bunnies!

  6. Beautiful Boomer. I love to find them sound asleep like that. Lets you know you are a good Mom and they feel safew and sound 🙂

  7. Somebunny: Honestly, I don’t know how you can resist them!

    Lynne: Yes, but it tickles him a little bit!

    Jayne: Boomer is a happy bunny and so adorable.

    Mary: Hmmm.. I don’t remember ever seeing them twitch very much like a dog would. Now that I think of it, their little noses are always twitching in that bunny way, but when they’re asleep that movement stops.

    Laurie: Yea, me too.

    Liza: It makes a nice warm pillow too.

    DKM: lol!

    Michelle: That’s right – and when he doesn’t even wake up when I’m tickling him makes me think he feels very safe!

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