New coffee pot, new camera, new life… why not a new photo project, too?!?

I’m trying out the 365 Days Project to take a photo a day for the next year. Sounds pretty easy for someone as camera addicted as me, right? I figure it’ll be a sweet way to chronicle this first year in a new place. I also have a new camera – the new iPhone 4S – and it combined with Hipstamatic is the perfect toy!

I’m not sure how often I’ll share pics from the project here, but considering the difficulty I’m having with writing regular posts to this blog, if nothing else, a photo a day will at least give me something to blog about. The truth is, I have plenty to blog about, but the difficulty lies in how much to share and what to keep close to my heart. I imagine I’ll work that out with time and practice. For now it still feels like too much, as if too many people are reading over my shoulder

Anyway, about the new coffee pot…

; )

The cheapo Mr. Coffee died yesterday when I was just desperate for a cup…

Coffee this way reminds me of my dad and of camping. I love the smell of it cooking on the stove. It’s especially yummy this way, I think, but it takes forever to be ready. So today I snapped a pic while I waited.

Anyone else out there prefer perked coffee over drip-brewed? Any hints for getting the basket contraption out of the pot without burning my fingers or should I go to the garage for that camping tool?

: )

9 thoughts on “1/365”

  1. Your photos tell such wonderful stories, in and of themselves. Looking forward to seeing as many as you will let us share in the year ahead.

    Wayne, PA

  2. Good luck with the 365 project. I’ve been doing an unofficial one since the start of this year through my Flickr account. I think having the phone camera will make it easier to keep up with the project. Well, it’s easier than toting the DSLR around, anyway.

    I really enjoy the stovetop perked coffee. Until the last few years, that was the only way I made coffee myself. I love the sound and smell of it brewing. It reminds me of being at my grandmother’s house.

  3. Thanks, Heather!

    John: Is there a link to your Flickr site somewhere? I looked on your blog but didn’t spot one. I’d be interested in seeing what else you’ve photographed this year.

    I agree… the smell and taste of perked coffee is unique.

  4. Laura: A few years agon I did an unofficial photo a day thing. I only did it for 90 days and part of the “rules” was that I could only take one photo a day. The idea was that with only one frame you really plan your daily photo. It was hard, or at least it was harder than I expected, as I limited myself to outdoor photos. Some days the light was terrible. Some days I was busier than heck. I still think it was a good exercise. I hope you are successful with your 1 photo a day for a YEAR project. It makes me want to repeat my own experience. Good luck!

  5. Perked vs. drip? Well, we have succumbed to the one-cup pod method. Don’t know where that fits it. But it allows my husband to have caf while I have decaf.
    The trick with perked is knowing when to STOP.
    Remember those old tv commercials where the music mimicked the sound of the perking?

  6. Well blogger buddy, we will be happy with whatever you wish to share and whenever you wish to post it.

    I used to make coffee on the stove but the simplicity of the drip coffee maker made me put the old one away. I agree that the smell of perking coffee can’t be beat.

  7. A wet wash cloth is all I remember about getting the basket out.

    That was a great first picture!

    I never knew when to stop the perking – it always seemed the longer the better and it always seemed like it smelled a LOT better than it tasted. How about yours?

    I prefer the french press method but usually use the electric drip because is is so eays.

  8. I always perk my coffee and use freshly ground beans. Mmm. With an electric pot it stops when ready and will stay warm awhile if you leave the plug in. The basket can be removed easily if you pull out plug, or take off unit, and let it cool off (after pouring your cups).

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