Let it snow!

Like a little kid I’m hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I have to say this quietly because if my husband hears me, he’ll get angry. He can’t enjoy the snow the way I do; it just means working all night for him. Right now it’s snowing those huge wet flakes that make me want to run out and play. I tried to take some pictures out the back door, but they didn’t turn out so well. Instead I added some *digital* snow to this image from last weekend. Sort of a neat trick that I learned and have been playing with for the last hour or so.

I know you’re all sick of the snow, but would you sleep with your pj’s inside out for my sake? Maybe put a spoon under your pillow too? Anybody know any other snow superstitions I can try out?
Note: The *unsnowy* image was part of this post if you’re curious to see what it looked like before. What do you think?

18 thoughts on “Let it snow!”

  1. The only superstition I know is to wear your PJ’s inside out (and pray) – and I always observed it. Never heard of the spoon under the pillow. So, tonight, I’ll wear mine inside out with you in mind :o)

    The post you referred to was one I remember very clearly. If you are granted a “snow day” tomorrow, play with your camera to your heart’s content and show us your great images. Have a nice hot oven meal if your DH is out all night, too, and enjoy the bunnies. I’ll be in a cold office working on budgets, God Help Me!

  2. No Laurie – pj’s inside out MAKE it snow!

    John: Thanks – almost as good as the real thing.


    Mary: We almost never get the day off – but it’s nice to hope. Have fun with your budgets! 😉

  3. I am with your husband (although, I will not tell him)! It not that I don’t enjoy the snow, just sick of it! {{{snow}} sending it your way!!
    . . > . . . > . . . > {{{{{ Splat!! }}}} Caught you not looking! (as I run and hide)!

  4. If I sleep with my PJ’s inside out, the snow might find us, and I can not have that. But I will think really hard about snow hitting NJ, but only around your office, so that your DH won’t have to work in it.

    I have so much catching up to do. Not blogging for two days and you all went on living your lives!

  5. Monarch: No need to run and hide!

    😉 Thanks for sending some of the white stuff to me.

    Susan: I’ve missed you, you busy lady! Thanks for the snow!

  6. The best way to guarantee snow is to schedule a trip an hour’s drive from your home. Ho yeah! It’ll snow – never fails.

    When you read this in the morning either you or your husband will be happy. I guess that’s a ‘no-lose’ situation. If it’s a warm snow will you build a snowman?

  7. Hmmm, I don’t want to do anything to cause anymore snow!! I’d be more than happy to ship my snow to you though! I’ve got a bunch more to clean up today!
    Have fun with it Laura!

  8. It is snowing outside right now and I am relishing every moment of it. The snow is beautiful and so much nicer than “bug” or “mud” season 🙂
    Would love to know how you “make” snow 🙂

  9. Good luck with the snow. And, yes, I don’t think you can post a cool digital pic like that tell us about a cool new technique and then not detail it. So, if you get a snow day, that’s your job . . . write up a detailed report on how you do that cool effect! 🙂

  10. We had a beautiful weekend of heavy snow but I thought it was headed your way! I’ve never heard of the PJ’s and spoon thing. Hope you got your wish!

  11. If I had known that pj thing earlier I could have saved everyone a lot of snow by flipping Rich’s when I fold the wash. But, you know, I’ve been turning people’s laundry rightside out forever and it just gets tiresome. Did you get your snow day?

  12. I remember that photo. It looks good both ways.

    Laura, you can have all the snow you want, as long as you keep it down there. I am ready for spring!

  13. My daughter, the teacher, has a snow dance she does. But it’s uncontrollable. Sometimes it makes too much snow and instead of going in 2 hours late (which doesn’t count as a snow day), they get the whole day off (which means they work longer in June). I’ll have to tell her about the pj thing – I never heard that one – or the spoon either!

    Came over visitng from Finding Water. Nice to meet you!

  14. First off, for anyone that’s interested in the digital snow, I found the directions (in a handy numbered list!) here:


    Probably lots of other neat tricks there, but I haven’t taken the time to look, yet.

    Susan: Hi and thanks for coming by. I guess that digital snow is as close as you’re likely to get.


    Cathy: It was sort of a lose-lose actually. Not enough snow to cancel work for me, but enough to make my DH go in and sand all night.

    I would love to make a snowman, but we haven’t had enough this winter. The kids up the street make these tiny snowmen at the end of their driveway depending on available snow- I should take a pic if we have another chance – they’re always very cute!

    Naturewoman: Thanks anyway!

    Endment: We don’t have a real mud season here, but you’ve got to appreciate that it brings better things, right? Besides the bugs?

    Liza: Thanks – check the link at the beginning. I love playing with pics!

    Lynne: Ask your kids; I’m sure they know of it! Or maybe in Minn. you don’t need to be superstitious about snow!

    Vicki: No, bummer!

    Ruth: I imagine it must get tiresome for you! Send it our way – I promise to appreciate it!

    Sandy: I know, I’m sorry! When is the last frost date in Maine? Late June? lol!

    Tammy: Hi and thanks for stopping by! I can’t imagine that a fellow teacher doesn’t know every possible superstition concerning snow! lol.

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